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Properties of graphite mould
Latest company news about Properties of graphite mould

Jiacheng graphite mold manufacturer shares with you the experience gained from years of practical management. Through the analysis of the working conditions, damage types and causes of graphite mold, Jiacheng graphite mold believes that graphite materials should have the following technical properties:
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1、 Suitable resistivity: the resistivity of graphite material should be matched with different heating methods and hot pressing process conditions. Resistivity can be used to characterize the transformation process of graphite structure, that is, the degree of graphitization. The resistivity of the material is proportional to its thermal conductivity. The degree of graphitization also affects the wettability, lubricity, strength, coefficient of thermal expansion, modulus of elasticity, specific heat and other properties of the material, which affect the performance of the mold.
2、 Excellent oxidation resistance: the oxidation of stone strength material is the primary cause of mold damage. Therefore, the smaller the impurity content of graphite material, the better. The impurities of the materials are mainly various metal elements, and most of them play a catalytic role in the oxidation of stone tools. The lower the porosity, the better, the smaller the pore size, especially the open porosity. This is because the oxidation process of graphite material is related to the diffusion rate of oxidation gas, and the oxidation rate is controlled by the diffusion rate of oxidation gas.
3、 Structure of graphite material: the structure of graphite material should be fine and compact to ensure high bulk density, low porosity and high surface finish of processing die.
4、 Mechanical strength: the mechanical strength is higher, especially the tensile strength and compressive strength of the material.
5、 Thermal shock resistance: if the thermal expansion coefficient is small, the thermal conductivity and tensile strength are high, the material's ability to withstand thermal shock can be greatly improved, and the better the thermal stability of the material.
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Jiacheng graphite mold manufacturers to share with you, hope to help you, are interested in understanding the details of welcome to call Jiacheng graphite mold, looking forward to your cooperation!

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