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What must be checked before using graphite crucible

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What must be checked before using graphite crucible

February 21, 2021
Latest company case about What must be checked before using graphite crucible

Graphite crucible has very good heat transfer and heat resistance, in the whole process of high temperature, the coefficient of linear expansion is reduced, strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, has excellent reliability, is widely used in alloy tool steel, aluminum alloy smelter. Generally speaking, the graphite crucible of graphite mould can be inspected from the following points in the inspection work before application. The graphite crucible manufacturer will introduce the graphite crucible in detail.
1. Before application, check the graphite crucible of the graphite mould for cracks. If not, it can be heated to about 600 ° C for sufficient dryness.
2. At the time of application, there must be no water around the furnace and in the pit in front of the furnace, and irrelevant goods should not be piled around.
3. There is no need to fill the clamp pot with heated raw materials, which is very risky. It is not only very easy to cause test safety accidents, but also great harm to the service life of graphite crucible.
4. Ensure the dryness when adding the recycling waste, and add it slowly at that time.
5. The ductility and strength of graphite crucible must also be checked to avoid cracking at the time of application.
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